CLL Returns... November 24th, and I MUST be there!

Since my last trip, Te entire country of Chile has been battling tough times. The people are protesting against a tyrannical government, putting the future of Lucha Libre at risk in the region. All wrestling events were substantially cancelled until further notice.

There is hope, as Chile Lucha Libre announced recently...  their return show! Although the fight is never over, they hope to bring peace, love, and lucha back to the community. This special show is being held on Novemeber 24th, 2019. Although it is less tan 2 weeks away, I hope to make enough through the WCL Shop to buy a surprise ticket, for a very surprise appearance!


 Round Trip Plane tickets are at $1,132 at the time of this writing, and I'll need another $250 or so for food and lodging... 11 Days and counting,I have faith that I will somehow be ale to participate!



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